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Welcome to YSPiots E-Magazine website. Please enjoy yourself.
There is a comment box below every page, so you are free to drop any comment.

Well, things not going well, so I'm still the editor of the last issue of 2008. In this issue, you can see a significant different which is the whole new layout. I need to admit that I'm a bad graphic designer so obviouly those layout are not done by me. Thanks to Steven, which done such a nice layout for the magazine.
The new issue is launched, but the bad news, PDF version is not ready yet.

Issue 4 is launched, together with the PDF version. Starting from the next issue, Helopilot will take over this magazine and maybe we will move to another site.

PDF Version OF YSPilots E-Magazine is now available! Thanks to Helopilot!

October Issue of YSPilots Magazine is officially launched!

Tomorrow will be the official release date of YSPilots-E-Magazine Issue 3! The magazine is uploaded now so enjoy yourself. Please write your comment or suggestion HERE to prevent the topic sink.

Plus, some minor update to the website and "previous page / Next Page" Link added to Issue 3 so you can read it easier.

Beside that, start from this issue, all magazine page will be in jpg format. I know its more ugly but png just took too much time to load for slow internet connection user.

Vote page added, please tell us what you think, thanks a lot!
Minor update on subscription page and the vote at the left.

The first issue had been moved to this website, so for thsoe who haven see the first isssue before, you can read it simply by clicking the "issue 1" link at the left.

Second issue is here!
Due to we had reached the page limit of freewebs, we decided to abandoned freewebs and goes back here.
The first issue of YSP E-magazine is still at the freewebs, we will try to transfer it back here as soon as possible.
Luckily, the subscription form is transferable to this website so for those old member, you don't need to re-register again.



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